Currently, there are two ways to acquire imagery:

Manned Aircraft


UAV also known as a drone


Why use aerial imaging?

  • Identify problems in the field not visible to the human eye using special cameras which capture stresses existing in the field that could affect the crops. The cameras we use are 1000 times more sensitive to light energy levels than the human eye.
  • Helps identify how widespread an issue actually is, by capturing in the imagery what cannot be seen from the ground.

Our unmanned aircraft and MAV in Alberta acquire, process and analyze agricultural data to identify problem areas in the field. Given the amount of photos and data captured by the aircraft, an additional software program is needed to combine all the photos together. We send all images to AgPixel who stitch them together, with the final product given to the client. In the processing stage, the base package of images provided are natural colour and orthomosaic.

AgPixel® assists customers using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and manned aircraft systems (MAV) in acquiring, processing, and analyzing agricultural data, often by the next business day. Through our in-house research and development, we produce the most advanced data products available in the field.