Base Imagery Packages


Color-infrared Orthomosaic:

An image created using the near-infrared range of the light spectrum not visible to the human eye. Healthy vegetation appears bright red. This normally undetected information can be used to detect plant stress and estimate biomass (yields). For image processing in agriculture or our photogrammetry Alberta service, contact us today.

Examples of Raw Photos taken from Camera:



Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Orthomosaic:

By calculating the near-infrared light reflected by the plant, a colorized vegetation map can be created to show healthy and less healthy areas.


Relative Stress Map (NDVI Report):

A consumable field report used to identify areas of distress; Convenient for quantifying crop damage acreage totals; Shows changes in crop stress over the growing season; Valuable statistics for research purposes


Agpixel Portal:

Flight planning and camera/lens calibration testing; Access to processed imagery (past and present), NDVI field report, and dealer support resources


Synthesized Natural Color Orthomosaic:

A visual representation of a color-infrared image made to resemble natural colors.